Portraits: Patients and Psychiatrists

Wellcome Trust Arts Award 2009

Exhibition Opening- Portraits; Patients and Psychiatrists

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Portraits; Patients and Psychiatrists

This exhibition forms the culmination of a Wellcome Trust Arts Award winning collaboration between artist Gemma Anderson and Forensic Psychiatrist Dr Tim McInerny. These life size prints reveal an intimate visual language transforming the body into a container for narrative and identity.

Preview: Saturday 15th May, 4 – 7pm (All Welcome)

Opening 19th May, 3 – 6pm

Exhibition continues: 20th May – 18th June

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm

including Saturday 5th June, 11am – 6pm

Bethlem Gallery

Bethlem Royal Hospital

Monks Orchard Road




020 3228 4835 / 4101 (office / gallery)


Nearest British Rail: Eden Park / East Croydon


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12/05/2010 at 11:48 am

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  1. I have saw you post cards advising the exhibition on friday, a day before official opening in the canteen. I wondered into the gallery and the pictures did draw me in. They are engaging seeing the images and the beautiful intricate drawing and sutle colours. There was no information explaining the pictures so saw them at face value. I appreciated the character demonstrated in the drawings and the stories behind the images. The lady who runs the gallery told me about your blog and said i could find out more about the pictures. So it is Sunday morning and have just read your meetings with your portraits and the process involved in the pictures.
    Your creative process has captured the positives about psychiatry being about a relationship with patient and doctors and how our experiences will be part of the connection.

    I walked back to the train station, along monks orchard road, the sun was shining and the rhodendrums in bloom. My walk capturing the nature around me taking pictures on my phone. An intimate experience triggered by your beautiful pictures thankyou. We all need creativity in our lives.

    julia lambourn

    16/05/2010 at 8:11 am

  2. Hi Gemma, you will not perhaps have heard of me and why should you have ! I am a friend of Tim’s, who i last seen in Port Stanley last september. Before that was in London. I hope the exhibition has been well received. It’s interesting to me how people see ‘crazy’ people, don’t be offended with that – i don’t think one man’s crazy is the same as another’s – but for me it’s in the absence of what we discern, in trying to tackle someone’s character – that interests me. I painted people through the landscape – i.e. I didn’t put much into the frame – perhaps more of a metaphysical take on things. Tim’s collection of work is full of the detail – that’s why I guess I like him – as he sifts through the imagery. I’m bullshitting too much now, on account of too many beers in a bar in Buenos Aires, where I am painting these days. Say hi to Tim if you see him. And it must be great to work with such a nice chap…
    All the best

    James Peck

    04/06/2010 at 1:53 am

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